Johnson City Rugby

Johnson City Rugby Academy is hosting FREE Flag Camps for boys and girls ages 10-13. 
First camp is September 11. Click here to sign your kid up!


Are you ready to be part of an incredible community bonded by rugby? Whether you’re an experienced player, new to the sport, or interested in supporting our club, we welcome you with open arms. Join Johnson City Rugby and experience the camaraderie, teamwork, and exhilaration that rugby brings.


No person shall be denied membership due to color, creed, physical ability, race, religion, or sex. Membership is awarded to individuals who are active, dues paying members.


Dues help us pay for the cost of a season. Each season we must rent practice space and account for game day expenses: field rental, referee, training staff, and post match social. When determining this cost, we want to keep it as affordable as possible. Our goal is to be able to afford the above expenses with the cost of dues.

We tier our dues based on seniority.

Men’s Team:
Rookies, students (undergrad), and non-playing members dues are $50 per season. A “rookie” is a member who has not elapsed one calendar year since joining.

Veterans dues are $100 per season. a “veteran” is a member that has had one year or greater, calendar time, elapsed since joining.

Women’s Team:
Dues are $75 per season.

Youth & High School:
Our prices are not set, we are working towards making our Academy the least expensive youth sport in our area!

We do not want cost to be a factor for anyone. Ask about our financial services.

USA rugby

USA Rugby is our governing body. They require a membership that acts like liability insurance. It keeps all players safe in the event of injury. This cost varies, but typically is around $80 per year, starting in August.

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